Off-shore fishing cabin in Port Mansfield, TX.

Contributed by Christian Heuer.

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"Tonight, don’t tell me you don’t understand the kids who cut themselves to save their lives,
who can’t bear to not be bleeding, when everything else is."

- Andrea Gibson, July 13, 2013 (via hiddenshores)

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The wood shed.

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Log cabin in the Tibles Mountains, Romania.

Contributed by Andrei Ceb.

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"My heart is its own destructive. It beats out of the poisonous rhythm of the truth."

- Elizabeth Smart, from By the Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept (University of Toronto Press, 1982, originally published in 1945)

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tattoo blog^^

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"It makes me uncomfortable to talk about meanings. Because the meaning is a very personal thing, and the meaning for me is different than the meaning for someone else."

- David Lynch (via c-ovet)

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winter coats by xiaolizi

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